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Our Network of Buddhist Organisations in North America
Kathina Puja 2018

Our intention is to introduce the Buddhist Philosophy of ‘The Way of Life’ as well as meditation to help improve the quality of your life including the realization of inner peace. While following the basic practical guidelines, you can improve your mind to let go of the major causes of pain; your dissatisfaction and your determination to gain inner peace as well as clarity you may wish to seek. Applying these teachings will help overcome substantial issues such as anger, lack of confidence and anxiety. This will nurture you and help you develop a better understanding for this lifestyle.


Your actions will motivate others to help build a better community.

Program 2018

Our Programs
Daily   - 6:00 AM Vandana & Meditation (individual Practice)
- 7:00 AM Morning Offering
- 11:00 AM Lunch Offering
- 7:30 PM Evening Offering & chanting
Weekly   - Wednesday 7:30 PM Meditation
- Wednesday 8:30 PM. Dhamma Reading
- Friday 6:00 PM Sinhala Class for Children
- Friday 8.00 PM Dhamma Discussion Sinhala Medium
Monthly   - Full moon Day Observances and Dhamma Talk on Closest Sunday to The Full moon Day
Annually - January 1st New Year Blessing Service
- April Sri Lankan New Year celebration
- Month of May Vesak Ceremony(Buddha's Birth, - -
- Enlightenment & Passing away to Nibbana)
- Month of July Invitation to The Monks
  to Observe Vassa
- Month of October/November Kathina Ceremony
- December 31st 7:30 PM Offerings to 28 Buddhas
  (Atavisi Buddha Puja)

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